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SwitchBIT Market - How to Use

Since May 18th our Cryptocurrency Exchange platform SwitchBIT.org is open and ready for you!

So let's take a look at how to use our SwitchBIT Market:

On the main page, you'll see both Currency Pairs available as well as the rate of the selected pair.

Head on over to the Buy/Sell section which will allow you to do just that - buy and sell Cryptocurrencies.

From the same section, you'll see current rates of exchange and balance after commission/transaction.

When you want to buy, simply enter the amount per coin of the number you want and press submit!

To sell, enter the amount per coin of the number you want to sell, check the quantities are correct and then press sell.

And that's all! Easy and time-saving trading.

Check out the cool animations below, and have fun using SwitchBIT!





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