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SwitchBIT History - How to Use

Since May 18th our Cryptocurrency Exchange platform SwitchBIT.org is open and ready for you!

In this post, let's look at how to use the History function.

Using the 'History' tab in SwitchBIT Exchange is super easy: You will, after clicking All dealings, be shown a screen displaying all of your transactions - Transactions, OTC, Deposits and Withdrawals are displayed together.

You can change page using the arrow keys at the top right, or by selecting the page number.

At the top of the page, you can specify which history you want to see - Dealings, OTC, Deposits and Withdrawals, Orders, Balance and Login history are all available!

In Dealings, all orders placed by you on the market will be shown, including quantities and ID's.

In Balance history, you can see the changes in the balances of your currencies.

Login history allows you to see the time/date and IP address used for each time you logged in to the Exchange platform.

Check out the cool animations below, and have fun using SwitchBIT!





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