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South Korea is planning to air a crypto-themed TV series

A K-drama series “Romantic Hacker” will feature a K-pop star Kwon Hyun Bin as the male lead, “Jaemin", and will focus on crypto and blockchain-related topics. The show will be filmed in August and is set to air online in October across South Korea.

The story is based on the hack of a crypto trading platform called “Jeju International Crypto Exchange" with the main character Jaemin being the one to fight highly skilled hackers that attempt to steal money from the exchange.

Although initially it's been stated that the series will be “an action-comedy” story based on cryptocurrency, its title suggests a romantic touch to it also.

Romantic Hacker is the first crypto-themed series to air in South Korea. It is believed that by hiring the K-pop star Kwon the show producers hope to attract mostly the young viewers.

Kwon is both a model and an actor. He has starred in three TV series, including Netflix’s “Part-Time Idol,” and most recently in JTBC’s “Don’t Let Go of Your Mind.”

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