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Korean crowdfunding platform teaches children strategies to raise cryptocurrencies

The South Korean government along with the country's education ministry launched a crowdfunding platform to nurture the entrepreneurship skills of Korean children.

Dubbed Yeep has been designed to teach elementary alongside primary school pupils to develop business ideas and strategies to raise cryptocurrencies allowing the children to create and vend various services that would be accessible in the national market.

The platform operates on the Korean digital coin named Yeep and, in a way, is also decentralized, meaning that the more individuals invest in the business, the more they can engage in the whole process - propose or request for changes and improvements.

Pupils get paid with crypto and are encouraged to venture on the platform by putting their cryptocurrency in projects through the marketplace.

Although Yeep is of no real market value, this educational platform is a great means to foster entrepreneurship spirit in young Koreans by raising capital in online crowdfunding incentives.

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