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Huawei’s new phone will feature a wallet for China’s digital currency

Technological giant Huawei recently announced that its newly-launched Mate40 series smartphone features a built-in wallet that will allow users to store, send, and receive China’s national digital currency. The new device will be the first smartphone to support the digital yuan via a hardware wallet.

According to Huawei, users will be able to control and protect their anonymity while enjoying hardware-level security. The new Mate40 series phone will also allow users to conduct dual transactions, meaning that they can send and receive payments offline. The Chinese giant said that the device ensures a new safe and convenient payment experience for users.

Huawei continues to develop its blockchain capacities. Since having signed a strategic partnership with the digital currency research unit of the People’s Bank of China back in November 2019, the company carried out a massive airdrop for the digital yuan last month and is now close to fully launching the new currency.

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