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You can now earn cryptocurrency by playing retro Space Invaders game

Pixel Bar bar in Leeds, UK, is offering their customer an opportunity to earn the Nano cryptocurrency by playing Space Invaders.

The retro space invaders arcade machine is free to play the game at any time and the winners are being rewarded in the cryptocurrency Nano (NANO). But how did this innovative idea come to life?

A Space Invaders arcade machine was on display to the Nano community at Nano meet-up back in 2019, and to access the game the players were required to pay a small amount of Nano. The highest-scoring player would then collect all the collected crypto assets to themselves. However, quite a number of mechanical flaws had been discovered, and the game required debugging.

The editor of The Nano Center, James Coxon, contributed to the assembling of a second machine called Nano Arcade: Space Invaders, which is namely the one now available for the use of The Pixel Bar customers and gaming enthusiasts.

Coxon built the machine together with an anonymous to the public Twitter user @NanoIsSuperior, and said that “Nano Arcade is a modern arcade machine which we were able to connect to the internet and hack up the game so that we could reward players with digital money depending on their score”.

Engineering Nano into the game required a complex hack. Raspberry Pi and python code were used to manipulate the game itself. Once the internet connection was established, developers were able to generate a QR code that allows the transfers of Nano to take place.

Coxon shared that the ongoing pandemic made the whole process much more challenging: “The first steps were to get a reliable network connection to the arcade machine so that we could continue to work on the machine even though we weren’t there."

Nano Arcade is the latest of the innovations aiming to mainstream cryptocurrency through the gaming community. And according to Coxon, Nano is a suitable choice mainly because it is technically easy to work with.

“Users don’t want to wait around after their game for the payout, Nano is so fast that it’s probably quicker than if we paid out in coins. We personally don’t think that another digital currency could match this."

Natrium Wallet, the crypto wallet designed for Nano, will be required to play the game. Once the game session is over, players will be issued a QR code, which once scanned will let the players collect their winnings.

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