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Counter-Strike top players to compete in Crypto-powered tournament

The top players of the first-person-shooter game Counter-Strike will compete in a crypto-powered tournament while over two million fans will be able to bet on the winner with crypto tokens.

The tournament, which is sponsored by Verasity - a multi-purpose attention-based platform for video, gaming and entertainment rewards with a native VRA token, will feature such superstars as Nathan Schmitt and Asia’s best player Kevin Susanto, who both have signed a long-term deal with Verasity.

The concept of the VRA token may sound similar to its better-known competitor Basic Attention Token (BAT), however, the company's CEO RJ Mark Hain explained that VRA is superior due to being environment agnostic and 100% of the income goes to the content creator:

“The publisher has to get on board with using BAT for getting monetization by those rewards. What we do is entirely different. We don't have anything to do with a browser. If you work for a large publication like Bloomberg, Bloomberg has a video player which is powered by Brightcove. [...] And Bloomberg wants to have a reward, whether it be Crypto or anything else. They take our SDK, it takes them about a half hour to install it, and then they control the monetization of all of that, of everything that goes on inside of that video player and ad stack for themselves.”

Hain also added that Verasity is planning to expand their project to other games like chess and such worldwide phenomena like soccer and basketball.

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