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Best Web Hosting with Bitcoin

As paying with Cryptocurrencies becomes more popular, the number of sites allowing their users to pay in Crypto is also increasing.

In this case, let's take a look at the best web hosting solutions available using Bitcoin payments.

1 - Hostinger

Boasting cheap prices and lightning-fast performance, Hostinger is a good place to get started when hosting your first website.

They offer 24/7 live chat support and an extensive knowledgebase containing most of the information you could ever need to know.

They also have the most extensive number of payment options I've seen in any web host, offering not just Bitcoin payments, but also Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, as well as more!

Check out Hostinger here!

2 - Namecheap

Namecheap started out as a great place to buy domain names, but have since expanded to offer Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting services too!

They offer a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) with each plan, and also allow up to 3 websites to be registered on their cheapest plan.

Namecheap allows users to pay with all of the traditional payment methods, as well as Bitcoin.

Check out Namecheap here!

3 - Hostwinds

While Hostwinds allow some of the best options for an entry-level user, we wouldn't recommend them on their high-tiered plans, as other web hosting services will provide more bang for your buck.

With that said, if you're just getting started with your first website, they are a stellar option.

Hostwinds accepts payments via Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Dogecoin!

Check out Hostwinds here!

4 - Bitcoin Web Hosting

Bitcoin Web Hosting is a relative newcomer to the shared hosting game when compared to the other hosts in our list. That doesn't mean it isn't worth checking out, however.

They offer 4 plans, starting with a basic 6USD plan and working up to a 24.95USD Business plan.

Bitcoin Web Hosting offers payments via BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash, ETH, XMR and XRP.

Their support is quick and helpful too!

Check out Bitcoin Web Hosting here!


Choosing a web hosting service is like choosing a new top of the line smartphone. They are almost all going to offer something for you, but the finer details are what makes the difference.

All of the above web hosts are worth a try though, and considering their flexibility in allowing Cryptocurrency payments, you can be sure that they will always stay at the forefront of new technology.

So what is the best web host for cryptocurrencies? In our opinion, you can't go wrong with Hostinger to get started, but any of the options in our article will be well worth a try.

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